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Karla’s Healy Story

Karla first learned of Healy, the Personal Frequency Device in January 2020. She was dealing with constant bone on bone ankle pain and insurance that was making it near impossible to get necessary treatment. A friend suggested looking up the Healy. After researching she decided to give it a try. After 10 days of FREQUENCY TREATMENT with Healy, Karla realized there was no more pain in her ankle.  She even caught herself running with her granddaughter, something she had not done in years.  With continued use she has experienced:

  • Complete clearing of “watch” spots on her face.
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Loss of neuropathy in her foot
  • Glowing skin
  • Weight loss
  • Normal thyroid numbers (first time in 8 year years)
  • Inner peace, joy and calmness within.

“I know that my body is only getting healthier and stronger mentally, physically and spiritually with the daily use of Healy Frequency. The joy of not having a constant intense pain every time I stand and walk is so amazing that I have decided to share this amazing little device with everyone.”

Karla lives in Yuma, Arizona, is a wife, mom and grandmother and community volunteer. She also is a Mindfulness & Meditation Instructor, Self Help Group Facilitator, personal chef and caterer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Healy and its programs and designed and used to harmonize the body, to harmonize the organs, harmonize the mental state, harmonize emotional & soul well-being and as protection and optimization of cells. Healy gives you personalized insight and awareness into learning lessons of the chakras, balancing the meridian system, alleviating discomfort, helping & supporting to cleanse and purify the mind, body and soul.

What is the difference between a tens unit and a Healy Micro current is approved in the category of TENS devices by the FDA?

TENS devices deliver milliamp current and block pain messages that are trying to get up the spine to the brain. Micro current delivers sub sensory micro amperage current, 1000 times less than milli-amperage current, which has been shown in published studies to increase ATP production in tissues.

Can you use Healy on animals?

Yes, all animals responded well to Healy micro-frequencies.  Healy seems to have  the same amazing  results on animals as on humans

What is Healy?

 Healy is a FDA cleared personal micro frequency device  from Germany. The device  sends your body’s cells frequencies for their health.  Healy also can assist you in emotional and mental issues.

Can Healy heal a disease?

Healy has over 140,000 programs specifically designed for total health, inside and out to assist in energetic imbalances by directing cell communications and increasing cellular energy (ATP by 500%.  By do so, we can bring the body back to homeostasis (balance)